Caitlin + Nick // Colorado Engagement Session

My sister Caitlin and her fiance Nick moved to Colorado a little over 9 months ago and truthfully, the distance has been tough and we miss them dearly. This recent trip out to Denver was my first and it was easy to see why they love this city and beautiful state so much. It's safe to say I too, now have a huge crush on Denver, Colorado. 

The place they call home is a cute little cozy red house and their trusty sidekick is a goofy lovable pooch, Micco, who is NEVER too far behind these two. The night before our last day, we had dinner in town, snapped some photos on their porch and at a little mill in town. We then jumped in the car and raced to Deer Canyon Creek nearby so that we could catch the last few minutes of sunlight before it dipped below the gorgeous rocky mountains.  

This shoot makes my heart so full. I've been wanting to photograph these two ever since their engagement this past December but I knew it could only happen in a place they love so much, in their new home in Colorado. 

Cait + Nick - Thank you for letting me capture these sweet moments between you two. I've been looking at these photos and can't stop laughing at a great time we had that night and the entire trip. You two are such beautiful souls and I am so happy you have found each other. I love you both so very much <3